Research Proposal

Assignment Overview – Research Proposal


Stage 1 Mind Mapping

Finding you topic and refining it

Key concepts – theoretical building blocks

Identify keywords associated with this area Identify key theories

Stage 2 Literature review Who are the key authors?

What are the central ideas?

What are the core ideas?

What are they supplementary ideas? Are there several theories related to your research area?

Can you synthesise the various theories?


Stage 3 Context

A good research idea must be supported by a clear context.

What is the context for your research idea?

What are your sources of context? These can be industry related documents and secondary data as well as academic literature

Stage 4 Research aims / objectives / questions and hypothesis.


What research question are you trying to answer?

What is the aim of your research?


Stage 5 Philosophical positioning

Refining your research approach

This needs to be clearly linked with your research aim and objectives / questions


Stage 6 Methodology

Data collection

Qualitative or Quantitative data tools?

How will this tool help you achieve your research aim?


Stage 7 Write Up