RESIT: Extended Reflective Essay

C19BA – Business Analysis and Consultancy


RESIT: Extended Reflective Essay

Business consultants need a wide range of skills to address clients’ needs and deliver successful interventions. In this essay you will critically discuss skills a consultant should excel at based on your own experience.


This essay should not be more than 3000 words in length. Submission deadline is Wednesday 04.08.2021 4pm sharp.


The Task

Your essay should discuss each stage of any one of the following consultancy processes:


  • The Facilitator Consultancy Process: Probing, Listen, Observe, Decide
  • Business Analysis Steps: Define, Measure, Analyse, Solve, Report
  • SPIN Model: Situation, Problem, Improvement, Net Benefit


Use any one of the above processes as a structure for you essay. In your essay you will reflect on a personal example from your private or professional life and put it into the perspective of consultancy work. You may use an event or situation where you helped a colleague or friend in the recent past. A good example from a recent paper submission was about how an English native-speaking student helped another non-native speaker to improve language skills over the course of a semester using various consultancy methods which resulted in increasingly higher marks (i.e. measurable success). The student used the SPIN model to reflect on that experience of helping a fellow student and to critically discussed that experience in the context of Business Analysis and Consultancy. For your essay you will need to start thinking about a particular situation/experience where you helped someone and how you actually did it referring to the consultancy skills that you have learned in this course. Before you start writing, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:


  • What did you do to identify the problem?
  • How did you approach him/her?
  • Were you thinking about success-factors that would clearly indicate whether your help was successful?


This list of questions is not exhaustive and provides a broad guidance and structure for your report.


At each stage of the consultancy process you will reflect on specific skills that were useful solving the problem of your friend/colleague at the given time. Also, you should refer to skills that you did not have or did not know at the time when you consulted your friend or colleague. That is, you may have automatically used consultancy skills that you were not aware of, equally, you learned about consultancy skills in this course that would have been beneficial at the time you were helping your friend or colleague. Both perspectives are important in this essay to demonstrate your learning in a reflective capacity! Your introduction should provide a brief definition of what is “reflective learning” supported by academic references. This will help you to properly demonstrate reflective learning throughout your essay.



Basic Requirements

  • This is a report style coursework and should be formatted as follows:
    • 12 font size,
    • Times New Roman is acceptable o      5 line spacing and justified!
  • The report should be no more than 3000 words in length. The word count excludes figures and tables, table of contents, reference list, appendices

C19BA – Business Analysis and Consultancy


  • You must cite and list references using the Harvard style as covered during the course. Go to com for guidance on referencing. At least 20 academic references are required for this submission.
  • Coursework submission is due Wednesday 04.08.2021 4pm sharp.
  • Upload ONE electronic copy of your FINAL ESSAY to Turnitin “RESIT” link via VISION>Assessment; no hard copy required.
  • REMEMBER to have an introduction and conclusion to your submission. In addition, if you use appendices make sure and direct your reader to the appendix/appendices used.