Roles Of Project Manager


Your group proposal part of your total group presentation grade and worth 10% of your total course grade. The actual presentation will be worth 20% or your total course grade.

Group Project Proposal Instructions:

1) Choose a Topic: Your proposal will be concerned with developing a PowerPoint presentation covering a single component/topic of project management from the list below:

o An Overview of Project Management

o The Role of the Project Manager

o Planning the Project

o Incorporating Stakeholder Management in the Project Planning Process

o Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project

o Creating the Project Risk Plan

o Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Plan a Project

o Scheduling Project Work

o Producing a Workable Schedule

o Project Control and Evaluation

o The Change Control Process

o Project Control Using Earned Value Analysis

o Managing the Project Team

o The Project Manager as Leader

o Closing the Project

o How to Make Project Management Work in Your Organization

2) Develop an outline of your presentation which should be the basis of your slide list.

3) Your proposal should be one to two pages in length. List your group member names, and your approach to creating this final presentation. Do not list a name of a student who was not part of your proposal group process and did not contribute.