RS Research Proposal

RS Research Proposal

Working title:

Please include:

●       The general context and background of your research.

●       The scope of your research (How will you narrow your focus? Are there any areas of the topic that you will exclude from your research?)

●       Your main research aim.

●       The value/implications of your research. (How will it be useful? What are you hoping to learn?)

●       Your overall research question.

●       Your focused research questions.

●       Your research hypotheses (only if you are using inferential statistics)

(200-250 words)



Annotated Bibliography

Please select six sources. For each source you should include:

●       A full Harvard reference

●       Why it is relevant to your research topic (consider the main aims, methods and findings and link them to your research topic).

(700-900 words)




Synthesis of Sources

Please provide:

●       An analysis of the common themes and points of agreement and disagreement among the six sources, with some personal evaluation of which arguments you consider most persuasive.

●       An explanation of how your project will contribute to the research in this area (e.g. will it fill gaps in the research? will it attempt to replicate existing studies), providing reasons.

(200-250 words)




Write a summary of your methods with the reasons you have chosen this approach. You should include:

●       The type of research you will be conducting.

●       The research tools you will use.

●       The type and number of respondents.

●       A rationale for your choices about research methodology.

●       The ethical considerations and risks associated with this research.

(200-250 words)