Rules For Project Management

For this assignment, you will need to read the article “One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers.” From this article and from other articles that you find, decide which of these 100 are your top 5. Then, write a detailed essay describing each of your top five and why they made your list. Watch out for the red herrings. As you prepare for this assignment, think about the following: 1. Read the articles more than once. 2. Highlight or underscore all the rules you think are the most important. 3. Think about “why” you chose those rules. Can they be narrowed down or combined into categories? 4. What do other credible research articles, books, interviews, etc. say about the most important rules for project managers? You will need a minimum of five (5) additional reference sources. Sources must be no older than 5 years, i.e., 2014. 5. Minimum of 5 pages of Content. 6. APA formatting 7. Prepare your paper with an overall outline. a. Introduction b. Rules i. In what order? ii. Discussion of each with references iii. References corrected cited in-text c. Conclusions d. References (separate page) 8. Proofread, proofread, proofread, Edit. Rewrite. 9. Proofread. Revise, Complete.