Consider your own leadership traits, behaviors and characteristics. How will you apply what you have learned in this course? What legacy will you leave as you move on to other positions and roles on your pending career path? In this paper, you will have an opportunity to express your thoughts on how application of the leadership theories we have covered may enhance your leadership efficacy.


Prepare and submit through Turnitin (View/Complete below), a 6 page paper (not including title/reference page) that identifies and discusses how you will apply to your leadership skills (and leadership theories or concepts) studied during this course. The paper should be specific; your grade will be determined on how well you demonstrate understanding of the leadership theories, your assessment of how their application can enhance your leadership effectiveness, and your action plan to apply them in the real world. While the paper should focus on your personal learning, insights and real world application, it must be based on course concepts and include appropriate citations.

Leadership Application Paper Guidelines: 

In preparing your paper, reflect and respond to the following:

· What were the three (3) most valuable leadership theories or concepts learned?

· Why are these theories or concepts valuable in enhancing your leadership practice and effectiveness?

· How will you change your behavior and/or thinking to integrate your learning?

***APA 7