Second Assignment Is A Case Study On One Of Your Parents Using Theories. Use Theories Related To Middle Adulthood

I want to write about my Father’s story. My father is the son of farmer. Home: village(rular).

Age: 52 (middle adulthood)

Character and hobbies: (want to help others, social worker, polite, honest loyal, responsible, caring, quite strict, and so on)

Dreams: (wanted to give happy life to his children (different life than his), and to work in police force serving nation)

Profession: (.police officer, sub-inspector), completed his 30 years of service, retired from police force. Currently works in water project (supervisor)

Important transition and trajectories: My father ran away from home when he was in 10th standard. Because of hi father who used to scold him and wanted him to work in field after school. He was talented. But left his school and ran away from home because he wanted to give a happy life to his children and wants to give better future than him. He went to CHITWAN CITY far from home faces many problems, and finally began his career as a police officer in young age. He started from small post and then became sub inspector later in his life after struggling and doing hard work.

Married to my mum. Raises two children son and a daughter with happiness, fulfilled their demands, provide good education as he always wanted. (he successfully fulfilled his dreams). And so on.

Current stages: HEALTH (high Blood pressure, Cholesterol, knee problem especially in cold temperature) used to drink alcohol but now stop because of some health issues.

Finance: medium family, good to live and eat.

Responsibilities: head of the family, look after family, pays bill, medical of family.

Middle Adulthood theories if it fits above situation: 1. Erikson’s theories Generativity Vs. Stagnation.

2. Jung’s and Levinson’s theory of finding balance.

3. life span theory and gain-loss balance.

PAPER should be double space APA STYLE, 5-7 PAGES.