Select a country (Nigeria) and be prepared to discuss:

You are working for an organization that is considering developing a business relationship with this country. The company is Kelly More Paint. They are looking to develop a plant in the country of Nigeria for making paint products and a sealer that is petroleum-based/ They plan to offer this product around the globe. Where is the home office for Kelly More Paint?

· You will prepare a management training program in conjunction with HR for individuals (and possibly their families) who will be involved in a 24-36 month assignment in India with Kelly More Paint.

· From a manager point of view, how would you handle the move?

· Prepare an overview of this country including

Culture (Nigeria)

Political Make-up

Religious issues

Economic issues

· What issues might you need to plan for

· How will a family transition, or how will a manage deal with not having family present

· What management issues/concerns might be faced

· What obstacle(s) might you need to consider

· What strategy will you want to consider

· What recommendations will you offer the organization to ensure success in the venture

· What issues might the family be faced with

· What concerns do you believe should be addressed for employees who will be involved with this assignment


Prepare a paper individually (with scholarly [peer reviewed references – minimum of three] resources, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is not a scholarly resource) addressing your findings with the above strategy. The paper should address what you gained from experience, what you learned, what issues you dealt with, and what your recommendation is for addressing the issue/concern.


Paper sill include a cover sheet, introduction, fact finding, proposal, conclusion, and reference page. Paper will be typed, double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman print, 1” inch margins, cover sheet, reference page, and professional in appearance (no fancy cover page, you are not in high school). Length should be long enough to make your argument sound, yet not overly long that it is full of “fluff” and unnecessary fillers (7-10 pages is a good length). Should be in academic format (APA, or what the university subscribes to).