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In the last reading on our Course Schedule, “Sex Matters: Future Visions for a Sex-Positive Society,” Windsor and Burgess note that:

Sex-positivity asserts, at its core, that people benefit from holding positive attitudes about sexuality. It is not a simple assertion that sex is good, nor does it mean that sex should pervade every part of life. Despite the proliferation of sex in American media, this abundance of messages about sex is not the same as being sex-positive. A positive sexuality can help us become more physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy. To be sex-positive is to recognize that sex can be enriching. It is to affirm that sex matters. (p. 694)

The authors then offer a few ideas regarding what a more sex-positive society would incorporate, which is a helpful set of points upon which to build. In your vision of a sex-positive society, what messages would be conveyed in our culture and laws about sexuality, and what changes would need to occur to attain a state of “sex-positivity” (a sometimes contested concept!)?

Identify and explain three transformations to our society that would have to happen in order for us to become more sex-positive, and in your response to this prompt be sure to explain your understanding of sex-positivity, in terms of agreeing with out authors, challenging their asserted definition of sex-positivity, or adding to it.