Short Essay Paper #2: Historians of Greece, China, and Rome

1. For this essay, students will analyze the primary sources left by historians of the
Greek, Han Chinese, and Roman civilizations (Herodotus, Tacitus, and Sima
Qian) found at the end of Chapter 3. The essay should answer the following
questions: How did each of these three authors see outsiders in comparison to
the societies in which they lived? In what ways did these three authors judge
foreign groups as “inferior” to their own civilizations? And which author do you
think wrote the most positive or fair account of the outsiders and why? Don’t
forget with each to offer examples in the form of quotes or detailed summaries of
their descriptions as evidence for your ideas.
2. The essay should include a student name, school identification number, brief title
for the essay, (example: “Comparing Historians of the Ancient World: Tacitus,
Sima Sian, and Herodotus) and should be between three and five pages in
length double-spaced. Please use conventional margins and 12 point font with
Times New Roman font. Examples from the textbook should be cited using in-
text parenthetical citations (example: Strayer and Nelson, p. 320-322. The lecture
videos can be cited as follows (A. Miller, Lecture Notes, 2020). Any outside
sources not provided by the instructor must be cited using a full Chicago style
citation that includes author, title, publisher, date, etc. It is also strongly
discouraged unless discussed beforehand with the instructor. Working with a
writing center or the class tutor is strongly encouraged and should be
communicated to the instructor.
3. Grades and evaluation of the student essay will be done according to the rubric
provided in the online classroom. Critical to the highest grades will be an original
and creative thesis that makes exhaustive use of analytical reasoning and
historical evidence. All work for the first essay should be turned in via email to the
instructor: by