Short Research Essay

 Choose one  from the list

1. Information or definition What is it? What are the facts?

What is student loan debt? How much is there? How many students affected?


2. Policy  What should be done?

What should be done about ballooning student debt? Should policies be enacted upon borrowers or lenders?

3. Interpretation What does it mean?

What does it mean that there is so much more student debt now than there used to be?  What does it mean that student loan debt is now considered “good” debt?

4. Hypothesis Might this be true?

Is it true that student loan debt is causing recent graduates to delay major life decisions  such as marriage, buying a house, etc.?

5. Question of value Good or bad? Best or worst?

Is student loan debt the “best” kind of debt you can have? Is student loan debt worth it in  the long run?

6. Relationship Causes and effects? Similarities/differences?

Is there a relationship between student loan debt and public or private universities?