Shortage Of Nurses

Written Assignment Feedback Form

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Course: Assignment:

Content: 60 points of the assignment grade:

· Content requirements are addressed Project Paper Strategic Plan

· The project paper will integrate all of your work in the presentations. In completing the final paper you should include the following components:

· Key issues: An identification of key strategic issues facing the leadership with the rationale for focusing on them:

· Background Information

· Burden of the issue Nationally and Mississippi

· Analysis:

· An analysis of the issue should explain how the key issues logically connects to healthcare services administration/management

· An analysis regarding the impact on the management of health care in terms of management roles, responsibilities, functions such as planning, controlling, staffing etc.

· Analysis of an impact of the issue in the past, present, and future

· Analysis of current polices are included, and recommendations for future policies are included.

· Did the group use any of the principles, theories, concepts, in the book to address the current health issue?

· Major points are stated clearly and are supported by research, specific details, examples and/or analysis

· The content presented is relevant, comprehensive and accurate



Points Possible Comments
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20 points of the assigned Grade

Organization and Structure

· The paper is well organized, clear, and effectively structured

· Each section of the paper have a clear topic, a point, a message or does the student just ramble?

· Does the paragraph form a clear and logical order?

· There is an introduction to gain the audience attention, provide sufficient background information on the topic

· Each team member contribution is integrated effectively rather than being a disjointed series of individual essays.



Points Possible Comments
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20 points of the assigned grade

Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar

· Is the paper headings, graphs, title page, and reference page consistent with APA formatting guidelines?

· References are included, and cited properly in the paper and in the reference page? (Seek guidance from the Writing Center).

· Is the length, section, font, margin, spacing



Points Possible Comments
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Modified from UOP 2017

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