This week we will review last week’s lesson using simulations available in MyOMLab All Assignments (placed in sequence after prior week assignments).

Students have the option to complete one of these realistic simulation scenarios for this week’s discussion (encouraged to try both):

  1.  Project Management – Construction industry as general contractor
  2.  Forecasting – Retail industry as operations consultant

First complete the simulation in MyOMLab All Assignments. Students may want to try both simulations (the top score will be used).  Each simulation needs about 30-40 minutes to complete.  There are a series of decisions applying the concepts that replicate real world situations and data in each simulation. The result of these decisions is then processed in the simulation with associated consequences and trade-offs of these decisions reflected in key performance indicators relative to the lessons.

Next think about the experience you had in the simulation and write a descriptive essay (minimum 300 words).  For example, explain key decisions you made, how those decisions impacted simulated performance, lessons you learned from the simulation, etc.  Students should start a new thread for this post by end of Wednesday providing this essay. Be sure the title reflects the simulation used.

Students need to post two replies to other threads by end of Friday.  Replies should be constructive regarding experiences in these operations management decisions from the simulation.  Students should also reply to others that respond to their own thread as part of constructive communication.  Students may use videos or written replies for this reply criterion.