From:    Denna Chartreuse, HR Specialist, MCS To:        You Greetings,

I’m reaching out to let you know that MCS’s Human Resources department conducts a 10-week post-project self-evaluation of your skills. Using the same skills gap analysis file that was sent to you when you began, each team member will self-evaluate their own project-related knowledge and skills accounting for their growth during their tenure within our organization.

The skills gap analysis will help you to identify the skill areas you have enhanced by completing your recent assignments and will reflect any changes in the way you see the importance of those skills to your career success. Select the Project 4 worksheet in the bottom left of the file. After completing your self-evaluation, take the time to deeply assess your progress by writing a 400- to 500-word reflection that describes two to three gaps you worked to reduce over the past 10 weeks and discusses whether and how much you improved. Also think back on the learning activities you pursued to help you develop competencies. Thank you for your attention to this request, we look forward to hearing of your forward movement.