Skills 6552

Using the Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form:

    • Rate yourself according to your confidence level performing the procedures identified on the Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form.
    • Based on your ratings, summarize your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    • Based on your self-assessment and theory of nursing practice, develop 3–4 goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Include them on the designated area of the form. Note: You will refer to these goals and objectives in your Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) in which you will refine and finalize them for submission.
    • Review your FNP or AGPCNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form you submitted for your Week 1 Assignment 2 and think about areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and/or continued growth as a nurse educator. How can your experiences in the practicum help you achieve these aims?  This is your opportunity to refine and finalize your goals and objectives for your practicum experience.
    • Review the information related to developing objectives provided in this week’s Learning Resources.  Your practicum learning objectives that you want to achieve during your practicum experience must be:
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Attainable
      • Results focused
      • Time bound
      • Reflective of the higher order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy (i.e., Application level and above)

Note: Please make sure your objectives are outlined in your Professional Experience Plan (PEP).

      • Discuss your professional aims and your proposed practicum objectives with your Practicum Preceptor to ascertain if the necessary resources are available at your practicum site.


Record the required information in each area of the Practicum Experience Plan, including 3-4 practicum learning objectives you will use to facilitate your learning during the Practicum experience.