social contract theory

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Your response to the questions below should be at least 125 words long.

1. What is social contract theory? What are natural rights? What role did they play in early American political history (i.e., Declaration of Independence)?

2. Why did the Articles of Confederation ultimately fail?

3. Discuss two of the major compromises (i.e., The Great Compromise and the 3/5 Compromise) adopted at the Constitutional Convention. What issue did each compromise address? What were the concerns of each side? How was the compromise achieved?

4. For the past 200 years, there has been a continuing debate in the U.S. over what is a proper division of power between the state and national governments. One of the reasons for this is that the Constitution is not specific in assigning authority for all government functions. Trace the history of American federalism from colonial times into the current era.