Social Interactions, Social Class And Social Stratification

  1. Differentiate between social class and social status. In other words, what makes these two concepts similar or different? Differentiate between Weber and Marx’s conceptualization of social class.
  2. What is social stratification? List and explain only one (1) of these systems of stratification discussed in class. How do conflict theorists and functionalists view social stratification?
  3. List the seven (7) types of groups.  B.  Explain two (2) of these groups and provide an example for each. Identify and explain the factors that affect group dynamics?
  4. State the transformations of western society and state the stimulus for change. B.  Explain what happens to the state of equality and social solidarity as society moves through each transformation.
  5. Demographically, who is poor in the United States? How does poverty affect people’s life experiences? How does social class affect one’s life experiences? List and explain the ways in which people can experience social mobility? Lastly, identify and explain the two (2) competing explanations for why people remain poor.