Social Media In Business

Social Media & Business (BUS4415.E1)

Strategic Concepts & Approaches Businesses Use for Social Media, Assignment 6

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This week’s assignment is comprised of 4 short answer questions. Short answer can be around 2-3 paragraphs. I’m less concerned about length as long as you address the question and put some thought in your response.

· Each question is worth 25 points.

· Type your response below each question. Just let the document expand as needed.

· Please “Save As” this file and include your name in place of “worksheet” before you upload to Moodle (file should be named: BUS4415_Assignment6_LastNameFirstName.doc)

Question 1

Select a step, phase or activity about social media strategy and planning that was presented your reading/video materials and compare and contrast how it would apply to a non-profit vs. a for-profit business.

· State your chosen step/phase/activity (examples would be “conduct an audience or content audit”, create a content calendar, create social media objectives; however, feel free to choose something else).

· Describe what about the activity would be the same and what would be different or adapted between the two types of organizations.

Question 2

Sometimes an organization may create a sub-strategy as part of their overall social media strategy. A common one is a platform strategy that goes into detail the activities and content specific to one given platform. Describe the pros and cons of doing this. In other words, what would be the benefit for the organization and what potential problems could an organization encounter with this kind of approach.

Question 3

If an organization were developing their social media strategy today, what would be a challenge that is happening in the current business climate that the strategy should specifically address and perhaps provide more detail for how the social media strategy could support the challenge.

· Identify a current challenge (examples of a challenge are: the issues with hiring employees, lingering COVID impacts, supply chain issues, business involvement with social justice issues etc.)

· Describe what could be considered or done in the social media strategy to support or help the challenge.

Question 4

Describe something new that you learned about strategy in the context of social media including how it impacted or changed your view of how organizations use social media.

Please make sure to include your name on this document (at the top of the page) and also in the file name.