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This week we continue our work on survey development as this is one of the key ways we do marketing research and market research, and one of the ways we get DATA which will be the focus on the next two weeks.

There is a lot of bias and error that can happen in both the creation of a new survey and the selection of a sample to whom you send the survey. Next week we will work on how to analyze data, but this week we are going to use the new skills you learned by doing the SW survey to create your own survey in qualtrics.

By the end of this week you should be able to describe how to randomly select participants versus using a nonrandom sample of people. You should be able to discuss in detail the reasons for and against using a variety of nonprobability sampling methods. You should be able to describe cleaning data and what to do with missing or purposefully false or biased data in order to ensure a positive data outcome from your analysis.