Social media strategy (Sample Paper)

2.0 Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most effective and efficient strategy through which the company can enhance its service provision. It is important to acknowledge that social media has been one of the essential media through which current companies are proving their service provisions. This is because social media has currently h been one of the major platform through which companies and are reaching a wider population. A study conducted by Ems & Gonzales (2016) on the current status of social media, it would be established that, a large number of people more the youthful generation has embraced social media with a large population being a group of the age of 18-40 years. Fortunately, this is the company’s target group and thus, it would form one of the crucial platform through which the company will meet its marketing goals.

To meet the company’s campaign objectives, two major social media platforms will be of use, Facebook an Instagram. Alfifi, et al (2019) argues that there are multiple social media channels and the efficiency of company\s strategy is determine how effective he applies the platforms in meeting the expected objectives. The major social media channels currently embraced include the Facebook, and Instagram. The platforms have been currently used different based on the needs of the companies. However for the Pandora company, embracing at least all social media channels would be the most effective and efficient strategy toward reaching a wider population. One of the highly expected social media platform the company must embrace as part of its social media strategy is Facebook. Facebook as for long time was the most embraced strategy for companies. Its use has been supported by the fact that it is easy to create, one can easily sponsor adverts with little cost and it has a wider range of population with the youthful generation being among the major users. It is highly expected that with social media the company will have to develop a more robust platform through which it can meet its expected demands.


Through Facebook meeting the expected social media strategies, Pandora is required to have major supportive structures and devices and other technologies. One of the tool that can enhance the social media strategy and help Pandora meet the campaign objective is the use of Chatbot. One of the main goals of the campaign objectives is managing comments, and inquiries and using Chatbot would of great help. Nanda, et al (2018) states that chatbots are some of the essential tools used in ensuring there is efficiency in social media marketing. The chatbots are essentially the digital media tools, which can communicate and resolve customer’s issues, without the total need for any human interruption. Besides, the use of Chabot’s enhances the company’s ability to easily communicate with customers (Nanda, et al., 2018). One of the current effectively used tool is Chatty People an AI enabled device enhancing customer relationship through providing consumer care services to customers. The tools is considered as efficient as it allows one to easily manage customers, through easy and faster relies and help in integrating with major organizational payment systems.


Development of an efficient content marketing strategy

Seo, et al (2019) argues that provision of quality content is one of the way through which an organization can meet its social media marketing strategy. According to Effing & A.M.Spi (2016) content marketing is a crucial part of social media marketing strategy but this must all be based on what the consumer needs. Schwenk & Kellie (2018) argues that high quality content termed as SEO in support with other content provisions help the organization bring in the right clients at the right time. Aside from its capability to attract an organic audience, a good content marketing approach can be effectively executed free.

3.0 Scheduling and Budget

The process will be under taken in phases as a way of ensuring that every this activity in the whole processes is effectively and efficiency attained. The plan is planned to be undertaken in phases and it is expected to utilize at $25,000. The schedule is set to begin form November and the reason why November would be much appropriate is because it’s expected that the process would take approximately 60 days and effective to start on November and ensure its complete by the end of 2020.




11/11/2020-20/11/2020 20/11/2020-28/11/2020 1/12/2020-12/12/2020 13/12/2020-22/12/2020
Project Planning          
Situation analysis          
Campaign Objective          
Social Media Strategy Analysis          
Schedule and Budgeting          





Item/Activity Cost
Project Planning $7,000
Market Analysis $7,000
Development of Social Media Channels (Facebook & Instagram) $5,000
Chatbot $1,000
Personnel responsible for Installation of relevant devices, chatboot/and following up social media inquiry(Salary) $5,000
Total $25,000


The total costs are to be distributed into for terms/activies. The first activity will be project planning. This involves the cost as a allowances to be allowed the team responsible for planning the whole process of marketing and planning, and determining the major content that should be part included within the social media platforms and how they should be managed. The other cost will be meant to the process of analyzing the market, examining how the social media platforms are to be achieve, which are the risks, and other issue associated with the strategy. The third activity is creation of the platforms Facebook and Instagram which are free, but the company will sponsor its first products for a month at the stated cost. The third items, is the purchase of chatbot, this is a tool meant enhance communication through between the company and customers. The other important items /activity is the individual who responsible for full time managing the channels. They will be response for either answering any inquiries, solving any issues individually or by ensuring it is effectively answered from the management

4.0 Measurement

A marketing plan is determined by how effective it meets its expected goals and objectives. The measurement of any plan must be structured, open and objective. These demands to the need of having a realistic goals and objectives. As for the current operation and plan of the company, the measurement of the overall plan would be based on four major outcomes, number of feedbacks attained, sales, budget attainment and enhanced profits. The whole accounting process should be subjective to the company’s’ goals and objectives as well as the level of responses from the customer and issue solved. One of the main objective of the plan is reaching the company’s target market. Thus, it’s highly expected that once the plan is attained and everything in order their plan would have has an increased number of customer from various social media challenges.


Social media channel is one of the major platform through which the company expects to market and advertise its products. This would include through Facebook, and Instagram. The efficiency and successfulness of such social media in gaining a given number of followers. This, as one of the major success factor is the company expects that by the end of the play at least each of the social media platforms would have made a progressive plan of at least involving not less than 100,000 people. The interaction plays a major role of acknowledging that the company is working towards creating an interactive team of customers.


The other measurement factor is the number of sales made. The whole processes of marketing and advertising is aimed at gaining a certain objective and this can only be expressed by having increased number of customers who translate to increased volumes of sales. This is considering that the marketing process should have adopted the common method of social media when most of the company’s target audience is situated.


The other issues expected to arise, as crucial factor of measurement is the issues solving process and the nature of feedback from customer. The most crucial social media strategy used in the plan is the use of Chatbots. The main reason for its use it to reduce the number of customer care who needs to reply to one customer. Thus, it reduces the labor cost. However, this does not work in solution on the crucial factor of providing vivid response sot the client. Thus, a company, upon should be expecting less issues when it comes from inquiry services Besides, y the number of pending inquiries must not be high. This is because the chatbots are expected to the inquiry workload.


5.0 Other Considerations

The company operates in an economy and environmental exposed to different internal and external forces managing that it will be faced by various challenges and issues. As a result, the other consideration that might be of value in the whole processes is risk identification and analysis. Processes, which will be very helpful in managing the risk that might arise from the entire processes. The consideration involves examining the key risk identification processes


5.1 Risk identification process

Documentation reviews

One of the risk identification process is reviewing project related documents like lessons learned and organizational processes.


Brainstorming is always done with a group of individuals focusing on risk identification for the project.

Delphi Technique

Through the process, the team of experts is consulted anonymously. This is then followed by a list of information, which is sent to experts, and there is a compilation of responses and the feedback is sent for a review.



5.2 Risk Management process

Step 1: Identify the risk

The first step of risk management process is uncovering. Recognizing and describing risks that might influence the company’s projects or its outcomes. Project risks can be identified by using project risk register.


Step 2: Analyze the risk

Once the risk has been recognized, the management team will determine the like hood and the risk’s consequences. This Involves developing of the understanding of the risk and the potential impact it brings to the project objectives and goals.


Step 3: Evaluate or Rank the Risk

The other crucial step is ranking and evaluating the risk and this is use to determine the risk magnitude which reflects the combination of consequence and like hood.

Step 4: Treating risk

The step is also termed as risk response planning. The step helps in assessing the company’s highest ranked risks and set out a plan of treating or modifying the risk to attain acceptable risk levels (Zhang & Wu, 2016).


Step 5: Monitor and Review the Risk

The step involves taking the project risk register and using it to monitor, track and review risks.


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