Social Work Practice With Children And Families Research Paper

Research social work field of practice CHILDREN AND FAMILIES and obtain factual data to support ideas throughout the paper. YOu may use professional journal articles, books, scholarly websites, and the course text (Social Work and Social Welfare: An Invitation 5th edition) for information. It is expected to complete the assignment fully and in a professional manner. This INCLUDES paragraph form, complete descriptions, and no abbreviations or contractions. The paper is to be written in THIRD person do not use first person or pronouns such as “I, We, or You”.

* 6 full pages. The abstract page, title page, and reference page is NOT included in the page count

* Abscact ( a summary of what you will discuss in the paper) page followed behind Title page

* APA Format. Must be double spaced

* Please follow the below format and be sure to name each section according


1st paragraph· Introduction – gets the paper started by introducing the topic (e.g., some statistical information about the importance of the field or information about the magnitude of the problem).

2nd paragraph· Definition of the Field of Practice – For example: What is child welfare? Or, what is social in a health care setting? This includes a definition of the population with whom they work, such as children, teens, elderly, etc. 

3rd paragraph· Definition of Social Problem – as a social worker practicing in this field might address.

4th paragraph· Social Work Roles – when working with this population. Are they case managers, administrators, counselors, therapists, group therapists, etc? Please see course materials for more information about roles of social workers.

5th paragraph· Important Trends – What’s changing in this line of work? Are there many jobs, fewer jobs, more clients? Are the demographics of clients changing? Are there any new approaches in the field? Do other professions compete in this line of work?

6th paragraph· National Organizations – What organizations are there to help social workers who practice in this field increase their knowledge base or find support to work with the population?

7th paragraph· Conclusion – Summarize and add any suggestions/recommendations.