Societal Aspects Of Nuclear Technology Persuasive Essay

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You can choose any topic relevant to societal aspects of nuclear technology.

The page limit for the essay are three pages, excluding bibliography and references cited. A standard 8.5’’ by 11’’ page setup with one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) must be used with font size being 12 point. 1.5 line space. The following elements are expected in the essay: Title of the essay Student name, Student number

Abstract: to summarize the essay. The abstract should state your central point of view, and an overview of your arguments, supporting evidences, logics, and methods. A concise conclusive or future-looking statement should also be included.

Please note: your central point of view should be an argument rather than a fact. For instance, “nuclear power is a feasible solution to carbon emissions without causing drops in economic growth” is an argument, whereas “France derives about 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy” is not.

Introduction: Provide the background of the topic of your choice. Prove that your topic is important for the society. Rationalize your argument in a concise way to make connection to the following body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs/Analysis/Discussion: Support your central view point with several evidence-based arguments. Provide scientific information and analyze logically and critically. Creating your own figure/graph to visualize your analysis of existing data is highly-encouraged. Any figure/data used to support your arguments must have a reference.

Conclusion: Conclude your essay by convincing your arguments. Then make some suggestions for future activities, like following-up studies and research, or social marketing plans…

A bibliography and references must be provided as an appendix to the essay (Not counted for the 3-page limit). MLA style or Chicago Manual style is recommended.