Socioeconomics Status

  1. This activity exemplifies the terms content analysis , representativeness , observation , field notes , and quantitative vs. qualitative research
    1. First you will need to review the PowerPoint presentation
    2. You are required to answer the quiz questions at the end of the PowerPoint presentation and it will be graded.
    3. Lastly, you are responsible to chosen one of the two options below:

    Options 1: You are sociologists charged with a research study that includes conducting an observation of the following film:
    Watch Video    Hbo Class Divide New York City Poor and rich children and their families      Duration: 118:04
    User: n/a – Added: 3/21/18     YouTube URL: Your research will be based on the instructions given for the Data Workshop on page 195. In particular, you will have to write a two page essay  describing your observation of four to fivepeople from the documentary.  Use the questions on page 195 to guide your TWO PAGE essay response. Be sure to include names as provided in the  film, s specific content from boththe film, and course content is required. or

    Option 2: Select four to five individuals to observe and write notes in your community. After you have completed your observation write a two page essay describing your observations of four to five people from the field site. Use the questions on page 195 to guide your TWO PAGE essay response. You must include images of your experience, specific content from your experience, and course content is required. ***This option should only be chosen, if you able to socially distance from others or you are not putting yourself in harms way***

    1. PowerPoint quiz answers
    2. Essay written using APA standardsObservation Assignment Instructions (Audio File).m4a
    Data Workshop 195.pdf