2020 has shown us that as Americans we are a nation that is resilient, proud, and strong.  However, events  have occured within this year that as Americans we are not proud of.  There are events that seem to have caused a great divide amongst the citizens of this country.  There are several groups that have been labeled as terrorist groups or a danger to America as a whole.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center and MEDIA outlets some groups that are labeled hate groups are:

Black Lives Matter Group (BLM); The Proud Boys, Ku Klux Klan, Neo Confederalists, Black Separatist, and anti government militas. These groups allegedly have played a major role in separations in this country and have sparked a fear within society. How do we as Americans teach tolerance? Seek Justice? and fight hate within our country?

Your assignment:

Choose one Hate Group; Give a brief background of the group (establishment, members)

Answer the questions: How do we teach tolerance? Seek Justice? and fight hate within our country?

Choose and Describe one of the three main schools of Sociological thought (structure functionalism; Conflict theory, symbolic Interactionism) relative to the hate group that you chose. If it can, How does that school of thought help to dismantle the group?

This is a powerpoint submission


Please use reputable sources. Please cite your references correctly.