Write 3 full pages, MLA format.

Read Part I and Part II below and answer the following questions.

Make sure to answer all the 6 questions in an essay format. The paper should free flow as an assignment and questions are not answered individually 1-6. Make sure to include a Work Cited Page. 

This is the link for the textbook. Use the textbook to answer question 5 

(Analyze  Sociological terms, terms should be bolded, defined, quoted and cited. )




Abandon Ship Assignment

Assignment Overview:  Students are asked to engage in an exercise incorporating the construction of reality, cultural values and the sociological imagination.


Part I: The Story of the Ocean Liner

The ocean liner that you have been on has struck a mine from World War II.  Because of the unexpected explosion and the quick sinking of the ship, the radio man was not sure any other ship heard your “S.O.S,”  When the incident occurred, you were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a bad storm approaching.

The lifeboat you are on is overcrowded past the danger mark.  Unless you lighten the load-which means that some will have to go overboard-the lifeboat, and all aboard will perish.  The lifeboat was designed to hold 5 people, but there are 16 people aboard.

Your job is to decide who will go over the side. You can only save 5 people! Instructions for the assignment will be at the end of introducing everyone on the ship.

Part II: Roles

1. Able-Bodied Sailor Jones: It is somewhat questionable how Jones was able to get from her assigned position below deck to the lifeboat when no other sailor assigned to the lower decks managed to escape from the ship. Sailor Jones is in excellent health. Not married, and no close relatives.

2. Ship Officer O’Malley: She was the only high-ranking officer aboard the ship that was able to get to the lifeboat.  It is the boat that she has been assigned to in all of the emergency practice drills. She is a capable officer, has navigational skills, and was well-like by passenger and crew members aboard the ship.  Excellent health.

3. Quarter Master MacDonald: Little is known about him. He served in the Navy.  He suffered injuries to both hands in the explosion of the ship.  He is married and has four children in the United States.

4. Self-Made Millionaire Douglas: He owns and manages one of the U.S.’s largest garment industrial complexes, which employs hundreds of factory workers. Married to his husband and is a parent to five-year-old girl twins. Health: average, but over-weight due to lack of exercise.

5. College Student Charlie: She is a college student who has been on a limited budget European vacation. She is a grand mal epileptic.  Unfortunately, while abandoning the ship, all medication was left behind. Single- age 22.

6. Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Dr. Lightfoot: He is a sixty-two-year-old and is in good health for an individual his age.  He is divorced and has two daughters who have families of their own.

7. Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Dr. Singleton: It has been said that Dr. Singleton is about to release information to the world that will essentially bring about the solution to the world’s ecology problem.  Singleton is 37 years old and is in excellent health.  Single.

8/9. Football Player and Cheerleader, Mr. and Mrs. Small: Both are in their late twenties.  Mr. Small was a star football at Penn State University.  Mrs. Small, also attended Penn State, was the Homecoming Queen.  Mr. Small is now a running back for the Las Vegas Raiders.  Mrs. Small is currently 8 ½ months pregnant.

10. Army Captain Thomas: He was recently decorated for his bravery and valor above and beyond the call of duty. He is on his way to the U.S. to personally receive the Medal of Honor from the President.  He is married, has two children and is in his mid-thirties.  While engaged in the action, which resulted in receiving the Medal of Honor, he lost his right leg.  Other than this rather serious condition, he is in good health.

11.  Draft Evader Samuels:  He left the United States two years ago to avoid the military draft.  He then spent two years in Sweden, from which he was recently deported for dealing in illegal drugs.  He is in his early twenties and in good health. Single.

12. Peace Corps Volunteer: Ms. Davidson: She recently completed two years of work in India. She has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and is on her way back to Boston where she is to be married in two months to her fiancée, Patricia.

13. Med Student: Ryan, They have recently come out as gender fluid. They prefer the they/them pronouns and the name Ryan. They have been vacationing in France and is 26 years old, single and in excellent health.

14/15.  Elderly man and woman: Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge: An elderly couple, both in their late 60’s and on their way back to their native New Jersey after traveling around Spain.  Mr. Eldridge is suffering severely from arthritis and is not capable of walking without the aid of a cane.  The couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next week.  They have 8 children and 29 grandchildren.

16. Traveling Poet: Mrs. Carpenter: A 30-year-old traveling poet in excellent health. She has never had a permanent home since she ran away from a New York orphanage 15 years ago.  She spent 4 years in the Navy where she acquired a taste for sailing. She has been divorced three times and is currently separated from her 4th husband who resides in France.  Suffers from asthma. Did manage to bring her inhaler while abandoning ship.

——————————————————————————————————————— QUESTIONS:

Your assignment should incorporate the following:

1. From the 16 characters described above What five people have you saved?  Why did you save them?  What was the criteria you used?   What did you look for?  Example: Usefulness, health, youth, patriotism, morality…

2. What were your justifications for rejecting the 11 people?  Why did you let them go?  (Provide three examples from the eleven) What was the criteria you used?  Were some easier to let go than others?

3. Do you believe that the decisions (in all) were justified? Why or why not?

4. What values of society were illustrated by this activity?  Provide at least 3 three values and explain how it shows in this activity?  Why is that you/we hold these values as important.

5. Sociological Analysis:  Analyze sociological terms from the textbook, at least 4 sociological terms throughout your assignment that seem relevant throughout your assignment. Sociological terms should be bolded, defined, quoted and cited.

6. Overall observations about the assignment. Was it easy? Difficult? Would it have been different had you been in a group setting rather than completing by yourself?