Baltimore Public Issue Assignment

100 points


Which course objectives are met through this assignment?

· assess the sociological perspective and its development in studying human behavior;

· compare and contrast the macro and micro sociological approaches in examining social structure and social interaction;

· evaluate the importance of social institutions including marriage, family, the media, educational, political and economic structures in a diverse and global society;

· evaluate major sociological theories by focusing on the main concepts, ideas and critical assessment of each theory from a historical, social and political context;

· apply the steps in the scientific research process, utilizing technology and appropriate academic resources, to analyze or design a sociological study


Part 2 (60 points) Due December 7 of the assignment, you’ll submit ONE document, including a 3-5 page thesis paper that includes:

· a description of the Baltimore public issue,

· a summary of what you learned during your content analysis,

· a discussion of 2 academic journal articles on the public issue (note: these articles do not need to be Baltimore-based),

· definitions and a discussion of 3 sociological concepts from the section of the text you are referencing (for example, if you are talking about poverty as a public issue, you will likely reference the social class chapter and you must include, define and explain three concepts from the chapter that discusses social class),

· a discussion of a micro and macro level solution to the problem including one analysis of an organization in Baltimore that addresses this public issue,

· APA in-text citations and a reference page in APA including the textbook citation. Note, papers without in-text and reference citations will lose all 20 points for writing.

· This document should be submitted through Urkund in Brightspace by 11:59PM on December 5th.


Paper Requirements:


1. Your paper should be typed in a standard 10-12 size font. (Arial preferred)

2. Your paper should be double spaced.

3. Your paper should be written and cited according to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA – preferred) or the Modern Language Association (MLA) There is a link to library resources on the APA and MLA format.

4. Your completed research paper should be at least 3 pages.

5. Your paper should include 3 citations: the textbook and 2 outside sources.

6. Your paper should be written in your own voice and should not be overly cited from other works. It is important that you paraphrase from your sources, cite them correctly and not copy directly. Your paper will be evaluated though Urkund. This is an automatic feature in Brightspace that reviews papers to ensure original content.