Instructions to Students:

  1. Please read the guidance on Assessment, Essay Writing and Presentation and Referencing and Bibliographies, as well as the information on University’s Plagiarism Statement, contained in the course guide.
  2. Your formative assessment should be submitted with a separate title page, giving your student matriculation number, tutor’s name and your tutorial group.

Answer the question below:

  1. For this question, you should begin by reading ONE of the following articles:


Harris, Anita and Karimshah, Ameera (2019) Young Muslims, Stigma and the Work of Normality, Sociology, 53 (4): 617-33.

Nath, Vandana 2011. Aesthetic and emotional labour through stigma: national identity management and racial abuse in offshored Indian call centres. Work, employment and society 25 (4) 709–725

McRobbie, Angela. 2004. Notes on What not to Wear and Symbolic Violence.

Sociological Review. 52 (supplement 2), 97-109.

As your heading, write out the details of the journal article as they would appear in a bibliography (i.e. as they have been presented above). Make sure that you remember to include all the details; don’t forget, for example, to put the volume and issue of the journal in which the article was published, as well as the page numbers of the article itself. When you submit your assessed essay, you will need to include full details of all the sources you have used in your bibliography so this exercise is intended to help you get into the habit of doing so!

Underneath the heading, provide a summary in your own words of the main points made by the author(s) in the article. You should make sure that you describe the aims of the research reported in the article, as well as the methods used, and identify key points from the findings, analysis and conclusions. You should also identify the key concepts used by the author(s) and explain how these are defined. To the extent that the article provides an evaluation of competing theoretical perspectives, you should include a brief discussion of this too.

(500 words)