(1) Informative Speech –present information designed to inform the audience of some business related aspect (this a be a successful business mogul, an established business, or your insight into the business you will create ;-).

Students will upload a typed, full sentence outline for the speech. The outline must be turned in and uploaded with your speech. The working outline will need to include a speech title, topic, specific purpose, thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion; a Works Cited Page with a minimum of three (3) references. The outline should be in Roman Numeral Outline Format. Failure to submit the outline with the speech will result in a deduction of fifteen (15) points from the speech grade. The outline template that is uploaded in the course MUST BE USED.


Sexual harassment in the workplace
Discrimination awareness in the workplace
Social media and the workplace (do’s and don’ts)
Teambuilding strategies
Conflict management in the workplace
Explain how to conduct an effective job search
Explain the steps in preparing for a job interview
Factors that lead to rejection (i.e., rejection of a job offer or business plan / proposal)
Networking via Social Media
Understanding qualities employers seek
Organizational structures
Ethical behavior in the workplace
Safety in the workplace
Diversity in the workplace
Male vs. Female leadership styles
Creating an effective retirement plan
Business loans: Are they worth it?
Healthcare benefits
Importance of Employee Development Programs
College degree: Needed for employees?
Using social media as a marketing tool
Why you should use your lunch break to workout
Decision-making processes: Overcoming Groupthink