Sport Nutrition


Jared is a 164 pound soccer player who trains two hours per day. He has a kcal requirement of approximately 3600 kcal per day.

It is often said that an individual should take about _______ to _______ % of kcal as CHO.

For an athlete, the absolute quantity of CHO rather than % of energy from CHO is important for exercise performance.

Therefore, to determine Jared’s CHO need you should figure on _______ grams/kg body weight (based on hours and intensity of training). This would yield a need of _______ grams per day.

In trying to decide how to obtain those grams, Jared remembers that the following food groups each provide CHO.

Food Group Grams CHO

_________________________________ __________

_________________________________ __________

_________________________________ __________

_________________________________ __________

_________________________________ __________

According to the most recent guidelines, if Jared wants to have the maximum of muscle glycogen available for an upcoming game he should take in about _______gm of CHO/kg body wt for 2 or 3 days before a competition while at the same time ______________________ from his training.

If Jared has weekly games he probably will not truly be able to carbohydrate load. Why?

What could an athlete with weekly events (game or competition) do to have adequate muscle glycogen? (List at least two)

On the day of the big game (which will be played at 3:00 and lasts about 90 minutes), Jared plans to eat a meal about _________________.

He has read that he should eat _______grams of CHO per kg of body weight at this meal. He 
figures that he needs to take in __________ grams of CHO at that time.

Plan what specific foods you could give Jared that would provide him with about this much carbohydrate at that meal. (List portions sizes and grams of carbohydrate contained).

Would it be a good idea for Jared to drink a large glass of apple or grape juice about 15 or 20 minutes before the game to provide additional CHO? Why or why not?

When might that be a better idea? Why?

You also want to give Jared some advice regarding what to eat after his game, especially since he will be back actively training the next day. You would want to tell him about the “magical two hours”. This means that he should eat _______gm of CHO per kg of body weight within _______ minutes of the game and an additional ________ gms. of CHO within 2 hours of the end of the game. If Jared does not feel like eating at first, this CHO could be in the form of _____________.

Why is CHO at this time so important?

Jared should also include small amounts of protein at the first feeding.

One final note to remember, CHO should be fed during an event or competition if the event goes on longer than about __________________. This CHO should have what kind of glycemic index?

How much carbohydrate should be given per hour during exercise?