Sports Leadership Organizational Structure Paper

LDR 6400 – Sports Management

Semester-Long Assignment 1:

Sports Leadership Organizational Structure Paper

Due by end of Week Seven (Worth 20% of course grade)

Overview: The student will select a sport organization that they envision themselves leading in their future. This assignment will allow the student to explore the key leadership positions and the organizational reporting structure that follows the respective position of choice. Examples of sport organizations include professional/minor league teams, college and university athletic departments and non-profit sport organizations (YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs and professional team/player foundations). The student should research the organization through organizational websites and derive the following information: 1. Introduction/history of organization

2. Mission statement of organization

3. Ownership and leadership of organization

4. Detail the leadership position that you have targeted

5. Locate at least two job postings for a similar position that you can find through online research

and list the job requirements of that position

6. Describe the reporting structure of the organization, from ownership to VP, Director, Manager,

Coordinator, interns etc.

7. Outline this reporting structure with an organizational flow chart

8. Summarize in your conclusion how this exercise has helped you better understand the positions

that exist within sport organizations and how this may have enlightened you as you seek to

narrow down your career choices.

Writing Format: The student should write at minimum an eight-page double-spaced paper in proper APA style with the above information providing the framework. The paper should be organized coherently and provide the reader with an analysis that should reflect graduate level writing quality.

Please visit the following APA Style resource website to assist you with questions you may have: