First, respond to these initial questions:

· Who are the typical stakeholders of a mental health services agency?

· Describe in detail what their major interests are.

· How might the interests of each of these stakeholders be in conflict?

· Where do your positions on confidentiality fit in?

Then, thinking of these initial questions, find a news article online, published within the last five years, and covering a story from the United States that relates to the issues of healthcare compliance, where it appears that stakeholder interests are in conflict. Make sure it covers a topic or topics in which you have personal interest. Copy and paste the link into your journal submission, and respond to the following questions:

· Summarize what the news article covered in relation to healthcare or mental healthcare compliance.

· Who are the stakeholders as described in the article?

· What conflict among stakeholders’ interests seems to be occurring?

· What does the article say about compliance (if it, in fact, goes into any detail about this topic)?

· Why did this particular article interest you?

Your journal entry may be informally written in first person and should consist of approximately 350-500 words.