Stakeholders And Healthcare

Identify the stakeholders and health care provider groups that will be presented in the third and fourth parts of the Formal Papers. The template below is provided to help you complete this assignment. — Dr. Paterson, I was approved to write about the following topic: (Insert approved topic)

In the Stakeholder’s Perspective section of the formal paper, I plan to include the following stakeholders [Please note: Stakeholders are people and organizations with an interest or concern in a particular issue. They likely influence or are subject to the influence of others. Some common stakeholders include the patients and their families, specific healthcare provider groups (like physicians, or nurses), hospital or clinic administrators, lawyers, a business, and healthcare organizations (like the American Heart Association]: A. B. C. In the Implications for Health Care Provider Groups section of the formal paper, I plan to include the following healthcare professional groups (Please note that the Health Care Provider Groups must be groups of professionals that actually provide health care to patients. Please use terms like physicians, nurses, social workers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc. The groups you include should be the health care professions that are most consequential to your approved topic): A. B. Sincerely, (Your Name)