Starbucks Proposal

  • Starbucks proposal
  • This will cover your understanding of important concepts discussed in the text and in class.
  • 3 pages, single-spaced in Arial 11 font.
  • Properly Cited with a detailed appendix.
  • The paper needs to cover the following topics in-depth:
    1. Stakeholders
    2. How stakeholders are currently impacting the corporation.
    3. What does the impact look like for the corporation currently?
    4. Where are they missing the mark?
    5. What is your idea? Explain in detail.
    6. What does the implementation strategy and roadmap look like?
    7. How much will it cost to do the entire project?
    8. Who is the team?
    9. What will be the impact after doing this project on people, the planet, and profits?