Stock Exchange


You are required to complete a comprehensive company analysis on any company that is trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. This analysis should be done using the tools to analyze a company as per the course outline:

i. Firm’s Competitive Strategies – Cost leadership/differentiation; Porter’s Five Forces Model

ii. SWOT Analysis

iii. Porter’s Diamond Analysis


The analysis should include, but not limited to the following:


1. An overview of the company, including its mission, vision, goals, values, etc.

2. A historical background to the company and any key events that would have helped to shape the company’s current position.

3. Company Offerings – products/services, level of demand and quality of products/services

4. An overview of the different competitive strategies and which is applicable to the company of choosing.

5. An analysis of the company’s competitive environment as it relates to Porter’s Five Forces Model.

6. A SWOT analysis of the company of choosing.

7. An application of Porter’s Diamond to the company of choosing.


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Assignment Rubric

  Excellent (4 marks) Good (3 marks) Average (2 marks) Poor (1 mark)
Focus Clearly & effectively

responds to assignment.

Response to

assignment generally adequate & thorough.

Minimally responds to

the assignment.

Does not respond well

to assignment.

Organization Well-planned and well-

thought out- Includes title, introduction, statement of main idea, transitions and conclusion.

Good overall

organization- includes the main organizational tools.

There is a sense of

organization, although some of the organizational tools are used weakly or missing

No sense of


Content Exceptionally well

presented and argued; ideas are detailed, well- developed, supported with specific evidence & facts, as well as examples and specific details.

Well-presented and

argued; ideas are detailed, developed and supported with evidence and details, mostly specific.

Content is sound and

solid; ideas are present but not particularly developed or supported; some evidence, but usually

of a generalized nature.

Content is not sound.
Style: Sentence


Sentences are clear and

varied in pattern, from simple to complex, with excellent use of punctuation.

Sentences are clear

but may lack variation; a few may be awkward and there may be a few punctuation errors.

Sentences are

generally clear but may have awkward structure or unclear content; there may be patterns of punctuation


Sentences aren’t


Grammar &


A few errors in

grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation, but not many.

A few errors in

grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation, but not many.

Shows a pattern of

errors in spelling, grammar, syntax and/or punctuation. Could also be a sign of lack of proofreading.

Continuous errors.







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The following governing conditions apply to the typed project:



· The Cover page is to include the following in the order specified:

1/ Name of Education Institution (at top of page) 2/ Title of Course and Course code

3/ Name of Students and ID numbers 4/ Title of Project

5/ Date submitted

6/ Name of Lecturer.



· Font Size: 12 pt.

· Font Style: Times New Roman

· Spacing: 2.0

· Word Limit: 3500

· Your References must be included (Wikipedia is not to be used as a Reference).

· You are required to submit 1 hard copy to the Lecturer at the office AND e-mail 1 soft- copy to the Lecturer.