strategic crime product

Read and analyze pages 388-390 in the textbook, these are the guidelines for creating strategic products. Create a strategic product using the data from the Topic 4 assignment on Tire Slashing’s. This report would be utilized by the special crimes unit.

Create the product title, note the nature of the data, state the geography, and the date range analyzed.
Create necessary tables, graphs, and/or maps that illustrate pertinent information.
Analysis and findings: You may use bullets or paragraph form. Utilize problem-solving techniques to produce your analysis. (word count 250-300)
Disclaimers stating the limitations of the data analysis techniques.
Recommendations to solve the problem and areas for future analysis. (250-300 words)
Credits and dates; list the individual(s) who is (are) credited, the product, and the date it was created.
Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Use only sources provided, government websites