Strategic Innovation Management: Individual Essay




Individual Essay

Students must answer the following questions:

  1. Using appropriate strategy and innovation literature as well as examples, critically analyze how a new digital technology of your choice for example artificial intelligence (AI) is a source of competitive advantage that (disrupts) an industry sector of your choice. Critically analyze the opportunities technological change creates for successful growth and innovation for any given organisation in that sector.


Module Learning Outcomes:

·      Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the advantages and limitations of the key strategic innovation management theories, models and frameworks.

·      Critically evaluate how innovation strategy drives organisational performance and competitiveness as well as analyse and critique the strategies of a range of organisations.

·      Explain key theoretical ideas about innovation and how innovation generates value, competitiveness, wealth, and wider social benefits.

·      Compare and contrast the academic research and theories on strategic innovation with management practice and evaluate the effectiveness of innovation strategies for a variety of organisations.

Grading Criteria:

·      Coverage of the assignment issues, answering the assignment question

·      Understanding of theory by describing relevant theories for the assignment accurately

·      Critical analysis, applying theory by making links between theory and practice (examples), drawing conclusions

·      Grammar, syntax as well as using Harvard referencing standard correctly

Feedback to Students:

Both Summative and Formative feedback is given to encourage students to reflect on their learning that feed forward into following assessment tasks. The preparation for all assessment tasks will be supported by formative feedback within the tutorials/seminars. Written feedback is provided as appropriate.  Please be aware to use the browser and not the Canvas App as you may not be able to view all comments.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. You are expected to use appropriate references and keep carefully detailed notes of all your information sources, including any material downloaded from the Internet.