Strategic Management

Strategic Management, MBA:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is a team assignment and my part is “Just” providing:

(Introduction and Problem Statement) for ONLY 1 PAGE.

References are excluded. You may add a part for references.

It must be ((The reasons about why StrategITcom, LLC in USA need those partners company?)) and also

((How they can be utilized based on the description below))?? Also please ad a brief and general information about StrategITcom, LLC in USA. But the focus should be on the reason of doing this assignment and those questions in parenthesis as providing the INTRODUCTION and PROBLEM STATEMENT.

You may need to watch videos, or write articles, or their website to have a clear idea about what they are doing and why they are doing this?

Please read the information below as a project scope to understand what to write about “Introduction and Problem Statement”

Capstone project- Riipen education platform

Strategic Prospecting Planning- Edge Data Centers (50% of final grade)

This project is defined and proposed by StrategITcom, LLC in USA through Riipen education

platform. It invites students of Strategic Management course session 10 to create a team,

review the company background, comprehend project scope, critically analyse the scenario.

1. Project description/ scope

StrategITcom, LLC currently have a solution for Edge Data Centers that are modularly built. The

Edge Data Center market will ultimately expand in every city. The company has software defined power, the ability to use fuel cells, microgrids, sustainable and other environmentally

friendly power solutions.

2. Project deliverables- Technology strategic partners:

Using secondary data (i.e. documents and white reports provided and your research)

• Identify key modular edge data center projects and solutions.

• Develop a list of potential technology partners in this space for a cohesive package that

can be delivered to cities.

• Understand the technology partners’ go to market strategy (direct, through distribution,

value chain)

• Determine their partner program and how the program has been developed (finder’s fees,


• List the product, key features, required services for implementation, other cities that have

used it (quotes and opinions would be great), barriers to adoption, costs, and key contacts

for us to use.

• Technology partners must offer services in the US.

• Integrate your findings and your analysis into a strategic plan for potential technology

strategic partners in Citizen services (smart metering, services to residents, WiFi).