Strategic Marketing

For this Forum, read the attached articles and view the most recent Apple Event recording: Answer the accompanying questions below.

Anticipated Apple product launches 2021 macrumors(file)

Closing out 2021 with avalanche of new products macworld(file)

Apples strategy bends the world nyt(file)

Turning privacy into business advantage cnbc(file)

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  1. Based on your reading takeaways and personal experience, what are Apple’s top 3 core competencies as a company? What makes you say this?
  2. As a market leader, which of the three competitive strategies does Apple seem to be embracing with the product introductions it has announced, along with those that are anticipated?
    1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages (top 3 each) of the strategy you think they have taken with another of the options you believe to be a viable alternative for them.
    2. Which strategy do you think will best serve Apple in the long term, and why?
  3. Where does Apple seem to be heading, in terms of focus on goods versus services on the service mix continuum? Do you think this will be the best balance for the company in the near future? Why or why not?
  4. Conduct an environmental scan and (a) identify three trends or factors that might significantly affect Apple’s future business and (b) propose how they might respond to these changes.