Strategic Planning & Implementation – Case Study

Part 1 – Apply Case Study Analysis

Case Study: Fixer Upper: Expanding the Magnolia Brand” in your Connect textbook.

Evaluate Magnolia Brands’ sustainable competitive advantage by analyzing the case study and answering the following questions in 450 to 600words:

· How will the components of the external environment impact Magnolia Brands’ ability to realize their vision?

· Who are Magnolia Brands’ major competitors?

· What other factors are affecting the growth of Magnolia Brands?

· What internal factors must be considered for Magnolia Brands to achieve its vision and mission?

· What are some of Magnolia Brands’ strengths and weaknesses?

· How does the new show represent an opportunity in the home remodeling industry?

· What challenges or threats might Magnolia Brand face?

· What measurements can be used to determine if the new show is successful?

· What is the feasibility of the ability of Magnolia Brands to continue to be successful? Why?

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Part 2 – Apply Case Study Analysis

Read “Case 12: Chipotle Mexican Grill’s Strategy in 2018: Will the New CEO Be Able to Rebuild Customer Trust and Revive Sales Growth?” in your Connect textbook.

Write a 450- to 700-word response that addresses the following questions:

· What factors contributed to the loss of confidence in the Chipotle brand?

· Do the actions taken to-date present a strategy that would improve consumer trust? Why or why not?

· Consider Chipotle’s competitors. How does Chipotle’s internal environment compare to the internal environment of one of its competitors? Based on this analysis, what is the probability that the strategic moves implemented by Chipotle would lead to a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain.

· What additional recommendations would you make Chipotle to gain consumer trust and reclaim a leadership role in the fast-food industry? Provide justification for your response.

· Based on the information presented in this case study, what kind of business strategy would you suggest to help Chipotle achieve a competitive advantage?

Part 3 – Apply Case Study Analysis

Read “Case 2: Airbnb in 2018” in your Connect textbook.

Write a 450- to 700-word response that addresses the following questions:

In the accommodations market, Airbnb appears to have a significant advantage over its competitors as it relates to regulations affecting the operations of its business.

Develop a business strategy that will allow Airbnb to meet local, state, and international regulatory requirements and motivate individuals to benefit from participating in this space of the accommodations market. Address the following questions:

· How can Airbnb ensure the ethical treatment of consumers?

· Should there be a separate strategy for the international component of their business model?