Student-Athlete Experience


The Student-Athlete Experience is a phrase that continues to gain momentum as coaches and athletic administrators seek to provide holistic development opportunities for student-athletes. Research has shown that the time commitment required of student-athletes has negative consequences in other areas of development, including career development, educational and professional plans, and moral decision making (Cox, R., Sandstedt, S.D., Marten, M.P., Ward, D.G., Webber, S.N., & Ivey, S., 2004). The recent legal, behavioral, and academic scandals seen within the context of intercollegiate athletics further build the case for strategic development of players off the field. In this course, you have heard from a number of coaches and athletic administrators and learned about their goals for holistic student-athlete development, as well as the unique methods they use to achieve these goals.


Now it is your turn to synthesize the course materials, presentations, and your own experiences in order to develop your own Student-Athlete Experience.

Consider the following when you begin this Student-Athlete Experience Assignment:

· What will this program be called?

· What will the mission statement be?

Describe your programs core values, philosophy, operating principles, and goals. Describe the activities, including an annual timeline which will be utilized in order to accomplish your goals.

Your Student-Athlete Experience Assignment must be completed based on the following criteria:

· 4–5 pages

· Current APA format

· 2 scholarly resources and 1 course materials resource

· Clear biblical integration – do more than include a Bible verse.

· Include a title on the top line of the first page, followed by your name. No other identifying information in needed.

· You must include the reference information for each source in current APA format on a separate page.