Succession Planning, Outsourcing,


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Week 3 Assignment 1:

Succession Planning, Outsourcing,

Offshoring and Telework


This week, we will be focusing on strategic management and its impact on the workforce. We will also cover outsourcing and offshoring amd telework. When you think of employee engagement, think of what you do on a daily basis and how it impacts the organization. The objective for the week is to evaluate the need for outsourcing, offshoring and telework in today’s workplace.


Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:


1. Chapter 5 – Strategic Human Resources – (See attachment)

1. W3 Lecture – Planning and Work Systems (See attachment)

1. HCI Podcast Transform Your Talent Management Capability through Effective Strategic Workforce Planning – YouTube

· The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy – YouTube

· Strategic Human Resources – See attachment pdf


Succession Planning, Outsourcing, Offshoring and Telework

Write 3-4 page paper discussing the following:

· How can succession planning be implemented effectively within organizations?

· Explain the differences between outsourcing and offshoring, and how each impact an organization

· List and explain the benefits of telework

· Paper must include a cover page, abstract and 3-4 reference. Do not use Wikipedia.

· APA citing – All sources used must be cited both within the text and in a references section at the end of the lecture (use APA conventions for citing)