Write 250 words answering the following questions:

1. Identify where the steps in the scientific method lie within the research.

2. Decide whether the research follows the belief outlined in the list of belief.

3.  Identify the population and the simple being studied.

4. Identify the variables being measured, and state which scale you think that the measurement

would be made on,

5. Suggest what measurement and/or design errors have been made. Discuss how the errors may

have impact the conclusions.

should have a minimum of 250 words. Include tables, examples that evidence the

application of the concepts.

Remember to use the current APA standards, expression of ideas and the format

of text, citations, and references. Always remember that before submitting your work: (a) Use

any direct quotes sparingly, (b) for any paraphrases, make sure to give credit to the author, (c) do

not use informal phrases or incomplete sentences, and (d) use grammar correct, and correct your

document. References sources from the Internet are not accepted, i.e. .com or news, opinions, or


General instructions

• Use a word processor, such as Word, to complete the Assignment.

• Include bibliographic references in the writing.

Here is the attached Research I personally chose