Summary And Regression

Econ 390-03

Assignment 10 (this is the 9th assignment but refers to Module 10)

Due date is Sunday Nov 1st 11:59 PM. Late submissions are not accepted.

1. Open the CollegeDistance data in RStudio

2. Read the Description of the data uploaded on Canvas

3. Provide a summary of variables: ed, dist, incomehi, dadcoll, and female (what they are, what their unit is, what their mean is?)

4. Run a single regression of ed over dist.

5. What is the model?

6. What is the predicted equation?

7. Is the coefficient of “dist” significant? Why?

8. Run a multiple regression of ed over dist, incomehi, dadcoll, and female. (the 4 variables must be included in 1 regression and not separately).

9. What is the population equation?

10. What is the predicted equation?

11. What is the effect of dist on ed in the multiple regression.

12. In the multiple regression, which one of the regressors (coefficients) are statistically significant? Why?

13. Provide the 95% Confidence Interval for all the coefficients. What does a Confidence Interval Mean?

14. From the SLRM to the MLRM did R-Squared increase or decrease? What does it mean?