sustainable operations and supply chain management

Paper requirements

  1. Format: This is a report. in APA format Report formats include: exclusive summary,introduce,body ,Recommendation ,con clusion. And need to make a directory. Title page I can add it myself.
  2. Collection data: teacher requires the use of theoretical knowledge, that is, week1-5 any mention can be. Including the first part of how to collect data. Because I made part1. Let me briefly tell you about our data collection process. The first teacher is a group of 4-5 people in class. Interview each other, My interview questions and my classmates’ answers are in another folder, And it’s called ,” interview question”‘s interviewing each other, Mainly to know how much students rank sustainability attitude. And we set the rank1-5, rank1 there is no concern about sustainability, Don’t care about sustainable development. Rank2 are knowledgeable about, but not particularly concerned about, sustainable development, rank3 is a certain understanding of sustainable development and a willingness to contribute to sustainable development where it is convenient, rank4 is to be aware of sustainable development and willing to change a small part of their living habits to contribute. Rank5 is very concerned about sustainable development, And willing to change their living habits for sustainable development or deliberately contribute to sustainable development. I also have an explanation in the PPT I do. Most of the students are in the 2-3 range.The channel of collecting data is basically to do interviews with students.
  3. Recommendation: this part in my part1 PPT I have to write a few of my own can refer to or write other. This part is very important, basically here is the teacher’s most important part. “Explore how the new design plan can help everyone to balance the TBL impact.The report should include relevant theoretical insights/frameworks (beyond TBL) from the unit during analysis and design of the plan.Further, peer reviewed academic articles from high quality journals should be included in this part. There is a design plan teacher who gave an example. I put the file in the folder called” design plan for Assignment 1part2″design plan is the need to make a time line thing.And explain. This is very important. Be sure to do this, not just a text description. What he needs is a flow chart. Corporate examples are optional. Everything is based on your advice.
  4. There is an article that the teacher must read. link here: I downloaded the file called “must see”
  5. I will download what the teacher wants us to read every week reading can download, not necessarily all. You can look at the situation to see which useful to see a few I think more useful, but because which is a web page so can not download, I put the link here. Please take a look if you can. If you need VPN. at home