Tackling HIV Proposal Paper From A Sociological Take

Final Paper Rubric

Final Paper Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
Statement of the Problem

Statement of the problem o Explain why preventing HIV/AIDS in the US is important (include statistics)

15 pts
Target Population

Target population the program will address o Whom does your program target and why? (Race, Gender, Age; e.g., Adolescents)

10 pts
Sociological Theory

Sociological theory o Use a sociological theory to explain why HIV/AIDS is an issue in the target population

15 pts
Program Description

o Scale of program Choose One of the following-Societal level(Macro level), Community level(Macro Level), small group(Micro Level) or individuals (Micro Level) What type of intervention/program do you propose? (Examples: Curriculum, Mass media campaign, Legislation, increased access to treatment) o Sociological concepts What sociological issues does your program address in preventing HIV/AIDS in the US ? How will your intervention reduce HIV/AIDS in the US

30 pts
Description of Program Effectiveness

Why do you think your program will be effective?

30 pts
Total Points: 100