Take-Home Case Study



  1. 20% out of the total 100% will be deducted on each delayed day after the due day of submission
  2. Need to submit with the Turnitin report.
  3. Submit the paper to Blackboard “Brother Case” folder.
  4. No word limits
  5. No restriction on format







Maris Andersen is the owner of Sweet Toy Inc., a plush toy manufacturing company.  He decides to implement lean process in the Customer Services Department.  The current customer services operation process is as follows:



  1. Customer call the Customer Services toll free number provided by Sweet Toy.
  2. The operation hours of receiving calls is from 9:00am till 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, and two full time staff are on-duty to do the job.
  3. According to the statistics, the average handling time for each call is 6.5 minutes.
  4. After receiving each call, the staff will take, according to the statistics, approximately 3.5 minutes to mark down the issues.
  5. One staff will collect all the call reports made on that day and send them to their supervisor at 5:55pm every day.
  6. The Supervisor will pass the collected information to the Vice President on every Friday.




As the Lean Manager of Sweet Toy Inc., you are asked by Andersen to write him a DETAIL REPORT on HOW to implement Lean in the Customer Services Department.  (Not less than 1000 words).