Target Audience: Middle Eastern Government


Target audience: middle eastern government

Problem: Weather or not violence/war affects if Iran can access schools/education

Taking the side that violence does affect if Iran can access schools/education

sub points to back up statement gender,Poverty, and location

Intro: Background of Iran, talk about general access to education in Iran concerning gender,Poverty, and location , thesis statement

Body: problem analysis (general access to education in Iran) What is happening in the country that is hurting the education system?

Body: What solutions are already being implemented? How might they be working/not working?

body/conclusion: Restate thesis, the solution to the issue with access to education in Iran, Why it works and how it works specifically to Iran.

this is my solution all you have to do is state why it works and how it works specifically to Iran

the solution:

  • Refugee system specifically for education
    • If countries invest in this program and host these children, they are in turn promoting a new generation of peaceful relations.
    • Funding / putting money where it counts
  • Common curriculum

you can use sources as long as they are creditable and are footnoted

also 12pt font double spaced