Please read Nash, J. C. (2008). Re-thinking intersectionality. Feminist review89(1), 1-15.

 And answer the following questions:

  1. What is intersectionality and why might it be helpful in the study of identity?


  1. What does Nash mean by the paradoxes of intersectionality?


  1. What issues relating to methodology does Nash identify?


  1. In what ways, does Nash argue do ‘intersectional projects often replicate precisely the approaches that they critique?
  2. What does Nash argue are the problems with ‘a theoretical reliance on black women’s experiences?


  1. What questions must intersectional theory grapple with if it is to provide a general theory of identity?


  1. What, argues Nash, is the ‘so what’ of attending to the contradictions of intersectionality?


  1. What can this article tell us about the way key concepts such as intersectionality or identity, are employed, developed, critiqued and transformed in academic scholarship?