Task: Report Writing : Food Delivery Apps.

Task: Report Writing

· Prepare a research proposal, mentioning a specific researchable title, background, Review of literature, research questions and objectives, methodology, resources and references.

· Prepare the Gant Chart to indicate the timescale for completing the proposal


· Title of the research should be specific

· Follow the format given below

· The Report should be properly formatted

(Justify the text, Use Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and single line spacing)

· References should be written in APA format

· Plagiarized work will not be marked and get zero.

· Submission of report is through Black Board

· There will not be repetition of Assignment


1. Title

2. Background (introduction)

3. Review of literature

4. Research Questions & objectives

5. Methodology

4.1 Research Design

4.2 Participants

4.3 Techniques

4.4 Ethical Considerations

6. Time scale (Gantt chart)

7. Resources

8. References