Task title: Individual sustainability attitude

Assessment 1
Task title: Individual sustainability attitude (25%)

Details of Task: Students, individually, need to compare their sustainability attitudes to those of their peers (Part 1). Based upon the analysis, students need to design a plan to grow everyone’s sustainability attitudes (Part 2).

Part 1 (10%)

First, students need to understand their own attitude towards sustainability by ranking themselves in a sustainability continuum scale from 1 to 5: 1 being not serious about sustainability and 5 being extremely careful about sustainability. They also required to develop good justifications for their individual ranks. Next, students are required to interview their class mates (or involve in informal class discussions with peers) within class time to develop a good understanding about their peers’ sustainability attitude.  Next, each student should be ready to discuss their findings (as below) within small groups in class:

  1. a) own attitude, rank in the continuum and reasons
  2. b) peers attitude, rank in the continuum and reasons
  3. c) recommendations for improving the attitude (both for own and others)

Part 1 should be presented in Week 5 class in a small group. 

Part 2 (15%)

Students should present their analysis (of the information collected in Part 1) and a design plan to improve everyone’s sustainability attitude in a report format. Explore how the new design plan can help everyone to balance the TBL impact. The report should include relevant theoretical insights/frameworks (beyond TBL) from the unit during analysis and design of the plans. Further, peer reviewed academic articles from high quality journals should be included in this part.

The Part 2 should be submitted by 31st March by 5 pm.

NOTE: Please read the article Chiara Mazzocchi, Luigi Orsi and Guido Sali, 2021, Consumers’ Attitudes for Sustainable Mountain Cheese, Sustainability, 13, 1743. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13041743

Release date: Week 1

Word limit: Not relevant for the Part 1; 1500 words (10%+/-) for the Part 2

Presentation requirements: Part 1 involves discussions within groups. Part 2 should be submitted on Moodle.

Criteria for marking: 

The students would gain marks for Assignment 1, Part 1 by:

  • engaging discussions with other group members
  • identifying concise but informative points
  • demonstrating a thorough knowledge about the sustainability attitude and ability to provide brief recommendations

The marking criteria for Assignment 1, Part 2 can be found under ‘Resources’ tab.